“MFPA” information article. Fall, 2009. Dennis A. Francesconi. NAPS [North American Precis Syndicate], HealthNewsDigest.com

Here’s a another nice article featuring Mouth and Foot Painting Artists [Member] Dennis A. Francesconi. and the MFPA…! This piece briefly discusses MFPA products, and how to get them.

Cards And Calendars With A Difference

By Mouth and Foot Painting Artists
September 8, 2009

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the artwork of Dennis Francesconi (seen here, center, with his wife Kristi and the Governor) on the California State Christmas Card 2008.

(NAPSI)-When it comes to sending holiday cards or choosing calendars with a difference, this could be the perfect answer.

You can get beautifully illustrated cards, calendars and gifts that not only show friends and family that you are thinking of them but that also show your good taste and consideration for others. That’s because the sale of certain professionally illustrated cards, calendars, books, gift wrap, notepaper and puzzles provides the means to financial independence for dozens of talented, disabled American artists and acts as an inspiration for many others.

The quality of their work is recognized by many, including California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used the artwork painted by one such artist, Dennis Francesconi, as the image for his government house Christmas holiday card last year.

About The Artists

Another reason to send or give these products: The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) organization provides a fine example of the contribution the disabled can bring to the workplace when given the opportunity.

Not a charity, the MFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists. Members paint with brushes held in their mouths or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

How To Get Them

There are two ways to buy the cards, calendars and other products. Conveniently, there’s a nationwide holiday product mailing in the second week of October, which is National Disability Awareness Month.

In addition, you can visit the Web site at www.mfpausa.com at any time.

Learn More

At that site you can not only order gifts and cards but find out more about the MFPA, the artists and their products and view some of their work.

*Many thanks to, Victor Margiotta – Director of MFPA Media Relations USA, and Jim March – Director of MFPA for North America.

**Also,– Many thanks to Michael J. McCurdy – Founder/Publisher – HealthNewsDigest.com for being the first publication to run this story. HealthNewsDigest.com reaches a potential audience of 10 million readers!

** Update, March 2010: This story was also viewable for a specific period of time online at USA Today, the New York Daily News, and The Wall Street Journal,– (as well as in print) in the New Jersey Comb, LA Times, News Google, Philly Comb, and the Miami Herald Comb, for an approximate [combined readership] of 3.96 million!

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