I battled pneumonia, and won!

After being sick for 21 days last month, which included being treated for 5 days at MCH in ICU with pneumonia,– then nearly 3 weeks to regain my strength at home, I’m back! Never in 32 years with this injury have I been through anything like this.

I just want to thank everyone who helped. There’s too many to name, but you know who you are… From my Dr and his assistants, to everyone at the MCH ICU, my RN’s, RT’s, PCT’s, and CNA’s, you guys were amazing! To our family, friends, and everyone at the AMFPA / MFPA who checked on me, thank you all as well.

[and especially to my wife Kristi] This wasn’t easy, and after 30 years together, this was definitely one of our toughest moments. Thank you Kris for all you do, I love you.

— Dennis

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