33 posts rides the high banks of Daytona with Isaac Johnson Racing.

Once again Kristi and I are honored to ride along with Isaac Johnson Racing as he rocks a decal on his Greg Van Alst Motorsports #34 Mustang around the high banks at Daytona International Speedway!

This was Isaac’s second start in the ARCA Menards Racing Series as he qualified P9 out of 50 drivers that took time. The Daytona ARCA 200 aired on FS2 on February 16, 2024. For his second time in an ARCA Series car, and first time at a Super Speedway, Isaac did a great job keeping his car clean for the entire race while avoiding several close calls and crashes.

On the last restart and the final lap he was running P15 in the lead pack when cars just ahead of him got together causing a huge wreck that unfortunately collected Isaac as well. He took a hard hit nose first into the fence and was scored P18 at the end. We later learned that he was not injured.

This was the second time we’ve ridden along with Isaac, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future. See more at rides along with Isaac Johnson Racing.

Kristi and I are proud to have been a small part of Isaac’s debut in the Arca Racing Series at Indianapolis Raceway Park. The race aired on FS1 August 11, 2023. For his first time in these cars and on this track, he drove the #93 Costner Weaver Motorsports Chevrolet to a 12th of 25 finish after 200 laps. From sim racing, to carts, midgets, late models, and most recently the Arca Racing Series, Isaac’s journey is just beginning. See more at

It was pretty cool to see him rocking our decal on his ride, we wish him all the best!

MFPA’s Director of North America Jim March, with Thrive Global.

Here’s a recent clipping from a piece published at Thrive Global… Posted on September 2, 2019.

Social Impact Heroes: Jim March of the Association of Mouth Foot Painting Artists of North America are helping disabled artists to become self-sufficient by teaching them to paint by mouth.

We have an artist out in California named Dennis Francesconi. Dennis is a Full Member of MFPA, meaning he receives an income from the Association (versus our student members who receive monthly scholarships for training, materials, assistance and well-being), which he will receive for the rest of his natural life — even if his health worsens and he is no longer physically able to paint. Dennis was, because of his membership, able to go into the Social Security office and say to them, “I no longer need government aid.” The sheer importance of this act cannot be understated; that he, a person living with a profound disability, was able to take care of not only his own financial well-being, but that of his family. There really are no words to fully articulate the tremendous sense of freedom he has been able to achieve.

The story ran at ThriveGlobal.

Mouth Painter Dennis Francesconi Uses Case Air to Create Timelapse of Work

Here’s a recent piece published at … Posted by: Tom Pitts on Jul 10, 2018.

Bio: As the result of a water-skiing accident in 1980, — Dennis A. Francesconi [then 17] was permanently paralyzed. Since then, through hard work, determination, and the support of his wife Kristi, Dennis is once again on the fast track and making things happen. It all started in 1989 when Dennis taught himself how to write using his mouth. From sketching to water colors, what was first doodling for a few minutes became hours. In early 1993, he heard about the prestigious Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Worldwide [AMFPA] and quickly submitted samples of his work for review. By late 1993, Dennis was accepted as a Student Member. Just 5 1/2 short years later, he had climbed the ranks to the much sought after Full Member position— which gave him the opportunity to remove himself from 19 years of public support.

Dennis thrives on working as a Member Artist of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Inc. in Atlanta. Follow Dennis online at and on Instagram at @sconiart.

Creating Timelapse Videos with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Dennis originally used a GoPro for awhile to create a timelapse, but had mixed results. “The battery would go out quick, and the GoPro on a tripod would have to be very close to me.” In looking for an alternative, Dennis searched for an option to remotely trigger his DSLR camera without using a cable, preferably using his smartphone. He says he came across the Case Air Wireless Tethering System and decided to purchase it based on positive reviews he read online.

“I’m on my fifth video using the Case Air and I absolutely love it,” says Dennis. “I control the camera from my phone next to my easel and I setup the video using the timelapse feature in the Case Remote app. Plus, the ability to adjust the aperture, ISO and white balance from the app then see how the change of settings affects the image really helped me learn how to use the manual feature on my camera.”

See Dennis in action in the video below, and learn more about the Case Air at