MFPA’s Director of North America Jim March, with Thrive Global.

Here’s a recent piece published at Thrive Global… Posted on September 2, 2019.

Social Impact Heroes: Jim March of the Association of Mouth Foot Painting Artists of North America are helping disabled artists to become self-sufficient by teaching them to paint by mouth.

We have an artist out in California named Dennis Francesconi. Dennis is a Full Member of MFPA, meaning he receives an income from the Association (versus our student members who receive monthly scholarships for training, materials, assistance and well-being), which he will receive for the rest of his natural life — even if his health worsens and he is no longer physically able to paint. Dennis was, because of his membership, able to go into the Social Security office and say to them, “I no longer need government aid.” The sheer importance of this act cannot be understated; that he, a person living with a profound disability, was able to take care of not only his own financial well-being, but that of his family. There really are no words to fully articulate the tremendous sense of freedom he has been able to achieve.

Read the full story here:

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