“MFPA” Information article. Fall, 2013. Dennis A. Francesconi. NAPS [North American Precis Syndicate].

Here’s a nice information article featuring Mouth and Foot Painting Artists [Member] Dennis A. Francesconi, and the MFPA from our Fall campaign…! This piece briefly discusses MFPA products, and how to get them. Now that the estimated viewership is in, I’d like to share it.

By Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Fall, 2013

Dennis Francesconi putting the finishing touches to President Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore. [click to enlarge]

Planning Ahead Can Help Reduce Holiday Stress

(NAPSW)—The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is to start your plan well in advance. Although reminders about holiday shopping seem to arrive earlier each year, the lack of an actual plan can mean little gets done until the last few stressful weeks.

To make your holidays merrier—and less stressful—here’s a master plan:


Once life gets back on track after the summer vacation, start to make some lists. Who will you send cards to? Who are you buying gifts for? Ask family members where they plan to be for the holidays. This time also offers a great opportunity to browse through the stores that you’ve always meant to visit.


Don’t wait for Black Friday. These days, stores have special offers all year round. With time on your side, look for innovative gift ideas. Presents with thought behind them are always appreciated more. Look for cards that will be special for friends and family to receive. For example, the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) uses reproductions of its artists’ unique, original paintings to produce holiday cards, gift wrap and gift ideas such as a 2014 desk calendar—another great way to plan even further ahead—puzzles and books. The worldwide for-profit organization is owned and run by disabled artists and helps them to earn their living through direct sales to the public.

If you don’t receive one of these mailings and wish to buy MFPA products, visit its website at www.mfpausa.com or call (877) MFPA-USA.

One of those artists is Dennis Francesconi. As the result of a water-skiing accident when he was a teenager, Francesconi was permanently paralyzed. Then, he taught himself how to write, and then paint, using his mouth. He has participated in over 75 exhibitions around the world. The re­cent success of the movie about President Lincoln at this year’s Oscars inspired him to paint a winter scene of Mt. Rushmore.


Now that you’ve earned some breathing space, it can be a good time to start writing holiday cards in preparation for posting. You can make a holiday card even more special by thinking carefully about the message you write inside. It’s likely the card will be on display for a few weeks, so you will want to make sure the message is from the heart. And don’t forget to include personal photos for your loved ones.

Once the cards are in the mail, write up your holiday menu and confirm invitations for parties. With all this work behind you, you will now have time to enjoy the season with friends and family. You’ll have earned it.

Here’s an example of the piece as published via Reuters News. [click to enlarge]

**This piece was used for publicity through – NAPS [North American Precis Syndicate]. The story and painting ran in 53 states. The estimated number of newspaper articles was 3,652. The estimated readership in actual newspapers was 29.2 million.

The story was also estimated to have had 161 million unique monthly visitors to the papers who carried it on their web sites only.

** The numbers above are directly from NAPS.

*Many thanks to, Victor Margiotta – Director of MFPA Media Relations USA, and Jim March – Director of MFPA for North America.

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I battled pneumonia, and won!

After being sick for 21 days last month, which included being treated for 5 days at MCH in ICU with pneumonia,– then nearly 3 weeks to regain my strength at home, I’m back! Never in 32 years with this injury have I been through anything like this.

I just want to thank everyone who helped. There’s too many to name, but you know who you are… From my Dr and his assistants, to everyone at the MCH ICU, my RN’s, RT’s, PCT’s, and CNA’s, you guys were amazing! To our family, friends, and everyone at the AMFPA / MFPA who checked on me, thank you all as well.

[and especially to my wife Kristi] This wasn’t easy, and after 30 years together, this was definitely one of our toughest moments. Thank you Kris for all you do, I love you.

— Dennis

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[special honor], USA Embassy in Armenia.

[special honor], USA Embassy in Armenia. — San Francisco, ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, by Dennis A. Francesconi.

In cooperation with the ART in Embassies program (US Department of State), the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Inc. were recently honored to have 6 paintings selected personally by the Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern, and his wife Libby Dowling Heffern. The paintings will be exhibited in the Ambassador’s residence in Armenia for the period of the Ambassadors term, (about 2-3 years).

*Many thanks to Ambassador John Heffern, and his wife Libby Dowling Heffern, and to Jim March – Director of MFPA for North America, as well as the MFPA team in Atlanta.

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